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You may be wondering, who is this man?
And what qualifies him to help me?

I spent 15 years as a senior executive charged with the well being and personal development journey of two hundred people.

During this time I quickly came to the realization that what really made a difference in personal performance, effectiveness, job satisfaction and general well being was the inner workings of each Individual in my care, more so than the environment within which they worked.

This realization launched me into an intense immersion of various ‘mind and consciousness study’ genres so that my counseling coaching and mentoring would be effective. My efforts rewarded me with the satisfaction of witnessing the blossoming and realization of the true potential of several of my people. My personal reward was also the acquisition and refining of interpersonal skills as well as the inspiration to continue and expand my search for the latest and most effective techniques, modalities and processes which help to uncover and manifest our true potential.

Sometime in 2002 I discovered EFT, TFT, Quantum Touch, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. I must admit, I was at first very skeptical and somewhat guarded about its claims, however, open to the possibility that there may be something of substance within these alternative modalities.

As I delved deeper into Meridian Therapy I was at first incredulous, then when I started using it I was astounded at its efficacy and success rate. Now I am in awe at Meridian Therapy’s capacity to facilitate an amazingly synchronized integration of body, mind, spirit, which manifests a wonderful inner glow and calm. Meridian Therapy is fast, gentle and the most powerful technique that I have ever experienced.

In all my years experience in counseling, coaching and mentoring where the goal was, invariably, to expel negative emotions and realize a positive outlook, nothing that I used produced results as effectively or as fast as MeridianTherapy does. Even more astounding was the discovery that a number of physiological symptoms also disappeared!

As a Meridian Therapy Practitioner I am now dedicated to helping my clients achieve harmonious relationships healthy self esteem, self empowerment and a life free from anxiety, stress, fears, phobias and past traumas.

The process that I have developed is an integration of EFT, TFT, NLP, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnosis, Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. I define it as 'Integral Meridian Therapy'. Gentle, nonintrusive, emphatic and powerfully effective.

I believe, in the depths of my essence, that it is the legacy of every Human Being to manifest and experience a life fuelled by Confidence, Healthy Self Esteem, Harmony and Peace and I am passionate about helping you achieve it and then empower you to maintain it.

I love to witness the joy and love for life return as a sparkling glint in my clients‘ eyes, I love to see the fire that reignites their spirit, the newfound spring in their step and I rejoice immensely as they slowly but surely reclaim their sovereignty.

I would love to help you on your journey. I look forward to working with you.









Level 3 Advanced Meridian Therapy Practitioner.

EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) Advanced Certificate.

Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.

Certified Hypnotherapist.