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What is Tapping, or Meridian Therapy?


Meridian Therapy (MT) as well as Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) and Tapping Therapy are umbrella terms which encompass a number of tapping techniques used to stimulate the meridian energy system. TFT (Thought Field Therapy or Callahan Techniques), and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are the most prominent of these techniques and the source that a myriad number of tapping techniques that go by other names had their genesis from. MT stimulates specific points on the body that are associated with the meridian energy system by gently, yet firmly, tapping on each point. MT works with your own body's energy system so there are no hazardous side-effects.


Dr. Roger Callahan, a Clinical Psychologist, developed ‘Thought field Therapy’ (TFT) in collaboration with Dr. John Diamond one of the first psychiatrists to use and write about subtle energies. Dr. Diamond’s pioneering concepts and advanced ideas from ‘Applied Kinesiology, coupled with Dr Callahan’s discovery that gentle tapping on acupressure points corrected the imbalance in the Body’s energy system, created by negative emotions, gave birth to ‘TFT’ also known as the ‘Callahan Technique’ Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer, received his initial training with Dr. Callahan. He subsequently simplified the procedure; the result of his efforts gave birth to EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is a more user friendly and streamlined version of TFT, the results just as profound as those of TFT. Gary shared his findings freely, literally, with the world for over twenty years, He retired in 2010; however, his legacy lives on powerfully across the world continuing to spawn inner peace and harmony to people’s lives.

How it works, in simple terms

A circuit breaker is an effective metaphor to convey how Meridian Therapy’s intervention works. When the circuit is overpowered it switches off, the lights do not turn on, and your appliances turn off. Once the circuit breaker is reset, power flow is restored, everything hums along effortlessly again. Similarly, MT restores normality by resetting the energy circuits in a person’s body and mind.

Just as the proper flow of blood throughout the body is vital to one’s physical health, so is the proper flow of the body’s energy. Thus, balancing it with MT is bound to promote physical healing. It is undeniable that negative emotions contribute to physical ailments. To the extent that MT neutralizes those negative emotions; the physical symptoms appear to subside.

How MT affects our lives

Another metaphor is in order here to help with clarity and simplicity of communication. Each person's life can be likened to a river flowing downstream. The river can be fast and furious, or slow and steady. Most people, when they are younger perhaps, have free flowing water in their river, but little by little, as life passes, rocks begin to be added. The rocks can be any size; the rocks of school or work difficulties, to the bigger rocks of serious illness. These rocks can just be the little pebbles that we accumulate as life goes by.

At first, the river flows over the rocks, but as they accumulate, it begins to struggle and has to change its course. The river can become muddy or cloudy because of the turbulence, and may even become out of control and threaten to burst its banks. Meridian Therapy works to remove the rocks. It may not happen instantly, and sometimes the biggest rocks may take time to be removed, but removed they are, allowing the river to flow as it was meant to be.

My experience of Meridian Therapy

Simply, MT creates an amazingly synchronized integration of body mind and spirit and as a result a wonderful inner calm is experienced. This in turn bestows a greater capacity for discrimination and a clearer awareness of the high and low tides that different emotions create in our lives. As a result our actions and re-actions towards people and events are controlled by us rather than haphazard emotions.

What is integral Meridian Therapy (iMT)

iMT is how I define the strategy that I use with my clients. Put simply, the process during our sessions integrates the most effective elements from a number of disciplines and techniques that I have worked with over the last twenty years; coaching, counselling, mentoring, NLP, EFT, TFT, Hypnotherapy, Matrix Reimprinting ( a sophisticated cutting edge form of EFT developed by Karl Dawson, an EFT Master Practitioner)

Matrix Reimprinting Defined

So how does Matrix Reimprinting differ from EFT?

Well, having evolved from EFT, it also contains some important differences. For example, in conventional EFT tapping on meridian end points is used to take the emotional intensity out of a past memory. What you are left with is to be able to recall your most traumatic and stressful life memories without any emotional disruption or stress, which is obviously extremely useful, as negative past memories keep the body in a state of stress and can contribute to disease. However, with Matrix Reimprinting the memory is actually transformed, hence, its effects in your life today is totally dissolved so that your actions and reactions are based on today’s event rather than the past.