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Seven Steps to Resolution

1. During our first Consultation we identify the issues that need resolving. This is achieved with a friendly and relaxed chat without the need to re-live or tell every detail of the unpleasant and/or traumatic events that are the cause of your current challenges; angst, pain, unrequited anger, discomfort or physical ailment* In other words we uncover the aspects of your inner world which manifest a lack of peace, harmony and good health in your life currently.

2. I will then give you an estimate of the time line over which we will need to work to resolve and dissolve the emotional charges attached to these events. On average, three to five consultations are sufficient to achieve complete and permanent resolution. However, every case is individual; sometimes one session is all we will need. For instance, most phobias, fears, anger at one particular event or circumstance, will dissolve within minutes.

3. We begin the process.

4. The process is emphatic, gentle, non-intrusive, devoid of judgement, and mostly, emotionally pain free, as, when emotional charges surface, they will only remain at their peak for a minute or so. There is definitely never a need to relieve the painful experiences that we are addressing, like in conventional counselling and psychotherapy, or to be embarrassed by the need to tell every detail of the event.

5. The therapy consists of focussing on the emotion, feeling, image that you want/need to dissolve whilst gently tapping on certain acupressure points.

6. In between sessions you will be given easy to follow protocols which will help you to maintain and enhance your new found calm and equanimity as well as facilitate the uncovering of ,if any, issues that we did not identify during our first Session.

7. Finally, at the end of your last session I will outline a self applied long term program for you to implement. This will ensure that as ‘life continues to happen” as it has a tendency to do, you are now in control, rather than being controlled by haphazard and unbridled emotions.






The process is simple and nurturing, the results are profound!

I look forward to working with you and ushering you into a world permeated by calm, confidence harmony and peace!

*Important note; I do not treat diseases directly as I am not a Medical Doctor, however, just as the proper flow of blood throughout the body is vital to one’s physical health, so is the proper flow of the body’s energy. Thus, balancing it with Meridian Therapy is bound to promote physical healing. It is undeniable that negative emotions contribute to physical ailments. To the extent that Meridian therapy neutralizes those negative emotions, the physical symptoms appear to subside.