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"EFT has given me the strength and confidence to manifest a new career."

"A year ago, I found myself being really challenged by life. I was at a major crossroad and didn’t know which way to turn. I felt stuck! Trapped and confined by my circumstances, my focus on lack and an ever increasing negative environment (that I was attracting). I was spiralling in a state of confusion, frustration and anger. At the time it felt like I was on a never-ending emotional roller coaster driven by emotions I felt I could not control.

That was until Tony introduced me to the practice of EFT and the healing process began. Since using EFT I have achieved clarity and restored balance in my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. I have learnt that I do have control over my emotions and through the practice of EFT I can now identify and deal with emotional issues when they arise. I have been able to tap away limiting beliefs and negative emotions that no longer serve me. It’s such an empowering process!

EFT has given me the strength and confidence to manifest a new career, a new home and a mature relationship that is filled with love and substance.


"I highly recommend you to turn to EFT!"

I am a young woman in my early twenties and have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I was six years old. I have also suffered allergies and food intolerances due to stress.

For anyone who is suffering like I was I highly recommend you to turn to EFT!!! Tony is an absolutely wonderful person who is wise, charismatic, spiritual & calming. I am thankful to him for helping me be the person that I am today.

"Narelle Di Lisio.

"You made me feel completely comfortable.."

"You made me feel completely comfortable, you guided me though what seemed a little strange at first and by the end of the process I felt crystal clear. The session didn’t take long and I left thinking ‘that couldn’t have possibly worked, it was too quick and too painless’.

Eight months later I still have not spent one more day feeling badly about any of the things that were upsetting me so much. I am a person not always into alternative healing. I am however conscious to always keep an open mind and in this case I’m really glad I did.

EFT has given me the strength and confidence to manifest a new career, a new home and a mature relationship that is filled with love and substance."

Leah Shaw.

"I felt completely adjusted - something I never felt with years of therapy"

Because Tony possesses such a unique and powerful skill to identify the truth in conversation, he is extremely effective with EFT. He mixes the perfect balance of humor and compassion to enable you to feel completely comfortable both with him and the therapy.

I recently had a wonderful and positive EFT session with him and felt completely adjusted and ‘light’ afterwards. This is something that I never felt with years of therapy!

I was experiencing some difficulty with deciding to leave a workplace and starting a new business. I was experiencing fear of failure issues with the idea of being responsible to create a new business; abandonment issues with previous work colleagues and generalized sadness surrounding ‘decisions’ that I made in my ‘old life’.

After just one hour of talk therapy and ‘tapping ‘, Tony was able to simply and completely adjust my thinking on these issues to the extent that other things I was doing that didn’t serve me were also adjusted. The process itself was very straightforward, non invasive and easy to do especially with Tony because of his unique way of creating an environment of comfort and trust.

Since the session I have really noticed a marked difference in both my self talk and my attitude to everyone around me. I have become acutely aware of negative energy that I was both drawing and putting out. I do look forward to more sessions if and when they become necessary.

Jackie Clout, Brisbane, Qld.

"I am looking forward to my life now.."

Dear Tony,

I would like to express my thanks for the wonderful experience I had during the EFT Session with you.

It helped me to unlock so many things that had been weighing me down for so long. It is so easy to carry so many emotions that burden you deep within our hearts and lock them away. They weigh heavy on our heart and soul and it is so hard for us to unlock all of the mixed emotions we feel, your session made me come to terms and resolve the issues that I had.

The experience has left me feeling like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am looking forward to my life now that you have shown me how to accept myself as I am and love myself unconditionally. I look forward to my journey and growth, how wonderful.

Thanks Tony, for all your help.

All my love, Teresa Pezzano. Melbourne, Vic.

"..the changes in my life have been dramatic and immediate.."

Dear Tony,

The consultations I have had with you have been invaluable and I feel blessed that you have come into my life. Thank you for being so understanding, patient kind and for creating such a comfortable and non judgmental space when we sit together. The changes in my life have been dramatic and immediate from creating abundance at work to enhancing my relationship with my wife and daughter tenfold.

I feel that any challenges and emotions that I will encounter in the future I will be able to use the techniques from EFT that I have learnt from you to deal with them so very effectively. Thank you for everything, you really are an inspiration to me.

Scott Bland, Perth, WA.

"..people respond differently to me .. I am now healthy vibrant and excited!"

Dear Tony, boy where do I start!

I’ve just been thinking about the last few months and how I wanted to share with you the joy that you have brought me and my family!

My greatest joy has just been magnified one hundred fold with the relationship I have with my gorgeous two and a half year old daughter. I never understood or imagined my projections would effect my reality so significantly and that we could change them so quickly and effortlessly with your guidance and your intimate knowledge of E F T.

My relationship with my wife has been propelled to a different level within a few sessions and I have to say that all this change has been gentle and pain free with your E F T tapping technique.Last but most certainly not least… my health.

My type 1 diabetes has gone from very poorly controlled to my diabetic specialist calling it a blood sugar level of a non diabetic!

Tony in short, thank you for everything. By changing my perceptions and tapping, my external reality has changed, people respond differently to me and I am now healthy and vibrant and excited by life so much so I can live life to the fullest with my wife and child..

Take care, Grant Hayes, Perth, WA.

"… anger and anxiety dissolved…"

Dear Tony,

I am so grateful for the work you did with me in addressing the difficult birth of our precious baby boy, Gus. I know I would be feeling a lot less positive about the forthcoming birth of our second baby if I still harbored that anger and anxiety. I also have no doubt that working with you contributed to my body's elimination of the pre-cancerous cells it had recently developed. Thank you so much for guiding me to a place of emotional freedom and subsequent physical health. You are a very learned,kind and generous man.

Sophia Z., Melbourne, Vic.

"..no longer impatient and discontent.."

Dear Tony,

I wish to thank you for helping me change my life! No longer do I feel impatient and discontent. You have taught me that when an unwanted emotion comes up I can deal with it there and then without it affecting my entire day.

My patience was often tested with my 2 year old willful daughter and I can now deal with her much easier and enjoy her more fully. My relationship with my husband is at its all time best, as is my determination and focus to reach my many goals in life.

My sessions with you probed my deepest thoughts and concerns and I thoroughly enjoyed being listened to with such good intent, without ever feeling judged. You are an amazing teacher and have given me tools to use on my own and to last my entire life.

I cannot thank you enough!

Simone Loomans, Salter Point, WA

"I can now face the future."

Hi Tony,

I was amazed and surprised that after only one and a half days of using "Emotional Freedom Therapy" that the terribly debilitating Panic Attacks had abated . I have been more at peace with the world and myself and the desperation and despair have been alleviated. I have felt better than at any time in the past two years, with hope I can now face the future.

Thank you Tony, I am so grateful for your help.

EFT has given me the strength and confidence to manifest a new career, a new home and a mature relationship that is filled with love and substance.

Xoxo Junette Ovens, Perth, WA.

"..for the first time in a long time I can move on and live my life.."

Dear Tony,

I write this letter for two reasons.

Firstly I would like to thank you for your EFT sessions which have helped me immensely. Secondly I would like to share with other people who are going through the same emotional roller coaster as I was.

I am 39 years of age and have lost both parents. Grieving is one of the most difficult emotions to go through. At the time you feel nothing will ever be the same again. Using EFT helps you deal and accept the pain, guilt and anger. Without your sessions and vast understanding of the treatment you provided for me I would still be in limbo. I feel now for the fist time in a long time I can start moving on and living my life in a way I have not for a very long time.

EFT has given me the strength and confidence to manifest a new career, a new home and a mature relationship that is filled with love and substance.

A happier Irene, Perth, WA.

"I can now laugh off situations that used to cause me months of grief."

"After years of negative thoughts and failing in trying to get over my issues on my own, I decided to give EFT a go. It seemed like a more effective option for me than possibly taking medication for the rest of my life. I was truly astounded that after just 2 sessions with Tony, all my anxieties and worries were lifted! I can now laugh off situations that used to cause me months of grief."

Diane, Perth.

" ... I could finally see the big picture"

I found EFT on the Internet and began trying it out, with limited success. At the time I was endeavouring to start a home based business while working full time. I just could not seem to get things moving with my business. I was aware that there was a blockage, but could not identify what it was. It was really frustrating to have goals and not be able to achieve them.

Over the years I have done quite a bit of personal development work, and I also have a diploma in counselling and family therapy, but none of that information seemed to be helping me to move forward. I knew I needed some outside assistance, and upon searching for an EFT practitioner in Perth found Tony.

Oh happy day! Tony is a very special person. His wisdom, insight, understanding and compassion assisted me to identify and dissolve some issues that I thought I had “dealt with” via counselling many years ago. With the blockages removed, it was like the central piece of my life’s jigsaw fell into place, I could finally see the big picture and the universe began to deliver the desires of my heart.

Opportunities came my way, and with my new-found inner freedom I was able to accept them. My life has changed so much. I am forever grateful to Tony, as without him I would not be where I am today, enjoying a lifestyle built around the law of attraction, abundance and prosperity. His support and encouragement has extended way beyond what one might reasonably expect from a counsellor, and springs from his deep level of love and caring, making extraction of the inner thorn mercifully quick and relatively painless.

If you are considering EFT my advice would be to open yourself up to the concept – don’t judge it intellectually, just experience it and let it do its work. If you are looking for a competent practitioner, then you have found it in Tony. But much more than that you have found a uniquely genuine person whose warmth and love is given freely and, if accepted, becomes a precious gift that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

Suzi Morris, Perth WA.

"Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after suffering for 18 years!"

"My life was severely limited by CFS for 18 years, I had periods of being bed bound/ house bound, so I tried all sorts of alternative therapies and conventional medicine to try and get my life back! I had varying success with the different treatments but it was not until I found energy medicine, especially EFT and Matrix reimprinting that I could come to the point of saying that I have recovered from CFS!

I came across EFT on the internet and found it an amazing tool – it brought up issues that I needed to deal with to further my healing. Using EFT I managed to wean myself off the painkillers that I had been taking every day for 18 years! Through treating myself with EFT and other therapies I felt that I was probably 60-70% cured of CFS, but I was stuck and was making no more progress before visiting Tony in Perth.

I had 6 sessions with Tony - he helped me to let go of all sorts of limiting beliefs and emotional issues that were holding me back from full health. He helped me deal with childhood memories that I had no idea were effecting my health. Tony has an intuitive wisdom that cuts straight to the heart of an issue - he helped me deal with issues in just one session that I had been going to talking therapy for months for and getting no resolution. I am now so much better that I am training to become an EFT /Matrix therapist myself –thank you Tony for opening up this path for me!

One of Tony’s sayings to me was “Life is painful, suffering is optional” –this option has become possible through Tony’s therapy sessions! It is possible to recover from CFS – give EFT and Matrix Reimprinting a go with Tony – you will not find a better therapist!"

Barbara Hutchison, Sandyhills, Scotland.